"So what if this worldly dunya full of obstacles . It's not even Jannah .”
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"Everyone grows as long as they live with time . But only some of them learn from it ."
- Hlovate
"Hidup ni kena pakai neraca Tuhan, hukum Tuhan . Bukan neraca dan hukum manusia ."
- Hlovate

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Growing and changing are parts of life .
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written: Tuesday, 30 December 2014 @ 06:29 ✿
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Assalamualaikum (peace be upon to you)

So hey ! Today I've read an article at langitilahi.com about.. err marriage actually, written by Hilal Asyraf  .

So yeah . People said that being a teen (especially sweet 18) is the best part of life as we can go yay ! playing around, doing things without parent's permission and etc . If you ask me, I cant wait to turn 18 seriously . Today is 30th December by the way .

Hmm . Marriage is a BIG thing . Seriously because it is a door to a whole new world . I'm not gonna explain much because yeah I have no experience in this thing just making conclusions base on reading books and articles but yeah I do understand marriage is about a commitment . A big one for sure .

So yeah . Teens nowadays including me myself is seriously excited for a feeling called love . Excited to have someone to love, to be loved by someone, wearing couple clothes and etc . Why teens become like this ? Because it is a natural feeling God gave us . Simple . But the way we handle it make us different .

1 . Take a deep breath and think .

Okay . Look . What is our goal ? What is our ULTIMATE life goal ? Be in a good university, be a successful person, marrying your love one, having children, grandkids then lie in peace in the ground ? That's it ? Is that the REAL purpose of our life ? Dont you feel that kind of  'lifegoal' is common like seriously anyone can live their lives like that .

2 . We are born to be different .

We have our own mission . Our own purpose . Generally talking, God make us to be a winner . Think back, why among those million of sperms, we survived and entered the ovum, growing into a foetus and finally born as a complete human with perfect body and brilliant brain . We are the khalifah, the ruler of the earth . The ruler who bring peace to the world . I dont know about you, but seriously I dont want to be ordinary, because we are born as a winner . That medal is ours .

3. Let's reflect .

So back to our topic . For those who have gone through or still in a relationship right now, you must have asked yourself at least once, "Will this kind of realtionship last forever?" , "Is it gonna end with a marriage?" . See ? You yourself do not really sure where this kind of relationship lead to . So hmm . Dont you think it is a waste of time waiting for something you cant really sure where will it lead to ?

You have lots of free time . Your body is full of energy . So please, organise yourself . Be a good youngster . You dont have to be pious or something . Just be a productive teenager . Do something each days so that you will not feel regret when you are old enough to do good things . Go read lots of books to open up your mind . Go to the society and make good friends . Go backpacking and search for more experience . The world is a world class teacher right ? Make a good use of it .

It is okay to do all those stupid thing sometimes . I do read mangas, watch anime and kdrama, try on some of those simple dance steps from some of those kpop dance practise videos but like I told you earlier, try your best to organise your time . Know which is the pririoty, do that first . Then when you have free time, a REAL free time, do whatever you like .

Actually, organising yourself wisely is a good way to train yourself to be a better person . It is for your own sake . When you know how to use yourslef, you will become a better slave and yeah maybe a better husband/wife/dad/mom to your children seriously .

Just my opinion . Sorry if it hurts you .

May Allah bless .


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