"So what if this worldly dunya full of obstacles . It's not even Jannah .”
- N

"Everyone grows as long as they live with time . But only some of them learn from it ."
- Hlovate
"Hidup ni kena pakai neraca Tuhan, hukum Tuhan . Bukan neraca dan hukum manusia ."
- Hlovate

Fadhlin. 18.
Growing and changing are parts of life .
*will update once a week*

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Assalamualaikum. Well, long time no update eheh,, Im still in my sembreak-vacay-mood, but this few days i was struggling (kinda lol) with my jpj test which is today! So yes, alhamdulillah, Im 18,and Ive got my car license! (jerk face) lol alhamdulillah.

My turn was number 22, session 1. Ive been waiting at the car school at 8.30 (which is that EARLY) and they called me to start the test at 11. Could u imagine that? But yeah everything when smooth, alhamdulillah thank to The Lord for that. 

(changing my writing to my mother tongue language) 

Ehem /batuk/

Side mirror ni penting wei. Syarat test JPJ atas jalan raya, wajib buat CITO (nowadays la i dont know the prev vers). 

CITO; Cermin. Isyarat. Titik buta. Olah gerak.

CITO ni apply setiap kali kita gerakkan kenderaan pacuan empat roda kita. C, aksara pertama dalam formula tu, maksud dia yang paling penting lah kan? Obviously, first thing first la. Kalau tak buat C, macam mana nak proceed to ITO?

Cermin, side mirror. Penting. Ok?

Erm dalam kita bergerak ke hadapan, nak capai ke destinasi yang dihajati, sesekali nak susur tepi ke, WAJIB tengok side mirror. Tengok dalam a few seconds (5 saat camtu) then move forward. Ke awak bawak kereta susur tepi terus tak tengok kereta belakang?

This concept apply to our own journey act.

Destinasi : Impian/ Cita cita/ Harapan/ Future zauj ehh?

Kereta belakang : Masa lalu (obviously)

Side mirror : Medium nak throwback

Okay now we start.

Situasi 1:
Bangun pagi, set goal apa kau nak buat harini. Start engine, bismillah, jalan, kejar goal kau.

Situasi 2:
Duk kejar kejar goal ni, kadang penat, rehat sat sambung balik. Kadang terlanggar divider jalan dalam journey tu well dah penat kan. Pastu give up. Haihh. Tengok balik side mirror what have u done to get here, to BE here. Layak ke kau teruskan perjalanan ni?

Situasi 3:
Kau tenung side mirror tu lelama dah kenapa ?! Orang tengok side mirror tu dua tiga saat je pastu jalan balik. Dah. Jalan cepat.

Situasi 4:
Singgah rnr. Tido kejap lah sebelum teruskan perjalan hari esok. Sambil tu check lagi side mirror, adakah hari ini lebih baik dari hari semalam? Muhasabah.

Memories are meant to be remembered cz sometimes we DO need it to reflect. But then, never let yourself drown in your past that long and forget that u can move forward. Go so that u can reach your destination on time.

"Kau tenung side mirror tu lelama dah kenapa ?! Orang tengok side mirror tu dua tiga saat je pastu jalan balik. Dah. Jalan cepat."


"Kei, kau termenung apa?" Perlahan bahunya ditepuk.

"Takde ape." Pandangannya kosong.

"Kan kita dah kawan lama." Lee cuba memujuk.

"Kalau kita dah kawan lama, kau tak perlu tanya." Dingin.

"Kau tau Kei, kalau kau terlalu memandang masa lalu, kau lupa apa yang ada depan mata kau."

Nafas dihelas perlahan."Everybody has a past. And dont forget, everybody DO deserve a future."

Bahu Lee dirangkul. Air mata yang ditahan akhirnya menitis.

"Kei, kau ni emotional sangat lah." Lee sengih.

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Anime : Charlotte
Genre : Supernatural, Comedy, Romance
Status : Complete with 13 episodes
PG13 (because of some brutal scenes but dont worry its only PG13 you can handle it)

The anime aired in Japan between July 4 and September 26, 2015. So yes, this is kinda new anime. The summary the plot, u can just googled it by yourself but I suggest you to NOT google anything to avoid the spoiler. Naah, I wont reveal the characters either hahahaha. Surprise then !


The plot is perfect. Unexpected. Fill with moral values in every single episodes. U'll find the reson why the anime is titled as Charlotte along the story dont worry.

Your feeling will go up and down while watching this anime. I was like eating popcorn while watching the anime but then I cant eat it anymore cz I was like wow. The. Feels. Are. Just. Too. Much. The story will absolutely make u cry infront of the laptop wondering what have you done with your life and cant move on for 2 to 3 minutes and then laugh and roll on the floor and need an oxygen tank to catch your breath. No this is a serious talk. SERIOUS i repeat. 

The animation is wow. 11/10! U cant expect less from a japan production they improved a lot. Arigatou /cry/

SELFTHOUGHTS /may contain spoiler/

The story is brilliant! I love the plot how they construct it in just 13 episodes. It feels like a puzzle. And make me puzzled gahahahaha. And how they revealed the stories nehind every scenes is beautiful! Feel blessed after finished it. A VERY good anime. Why they chose Charlotte as the title make sense! God At first I thought it was just an ordinary story with hansome and beautiful kids that have super power but it surprised me that the power is actually a temporary illness and will disappear once they reach adulthood. And it is a SERIOUS illness with terrorist all over the world and scientists greedy act capturing them for experiments.

The romance in the stories make me touched /cry/. No. No kiss scene like ordinary romance anime. Pure love that make me touch oh I love the idea how  Yu and Tomori helped each other oh myy their chemistry is perff. Yes it end with Yu lost all his precious memories of everything he loves about Tomori but then they do end up together. They were just 16, theyve plenty of time to make new memories. /tearss/ I need a tissue.

The comedy is just so GODDDD I CANT STOP LAUGHINGG they are ridiculous. No, not gonna spoil it /smile/

Overall i feel blessed after finishing the story. Worth it. Seriously. U should give it a try !

Chasin for whats fallin, always yearning. Dont know why but the beauty, may seems to be awkward to someones' eye - ZHEIND fallin (Charlotte)


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If you are happy,, u should share it to the world! 

Yay ! Berkat kerajinan /cough/ Ive upgraded my blog !

Nampak tak 4 buttons sebelah kiri blog?

yang tuuu

Sekarang dengan rasminya button tu dah boleh digunakan. Sebenarnya dari dulu boleh guna tapi takkemas .

If you clicked the buttons u'll see this ! Woohooo I feel so organised!

Fufu Ive wrote lots of fic so far i just realised it /feelin proud/

Erm yang kosong tu tak berpenghuni but will update later meh!

aku baru buat satu review jangan risau nanti aku update lagi!

Cuma button szenith tu je takboleh lagi guna. Sebab tu projek rahsia aku. Demi keamanan sejagat aku taknak publish lagi. Nanti aku rasa aku dah bersedia aku publish okay ! Gahahaha. 

So enjoy clicking those button! 

Credit to wanaseoby. Ni sebenarnya blogskin for poster gallery tapi aku modified ikut kesesuaian yang aku nak guna. Hehe thanks akak wana! 

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