"So what if this worldly dunya full of obstacles . It's not even Jannah .”
- N

"Everyone grows as long as they live with time . But only some of them learn from it ."
- Hlovate
"Hidup ni kena pakai neraca Tuhan, hukum Tuhan . Bukan neraca dan hukum manusia ."
- Hlovate

Fadhlin. 18.
Growing and changing are parts of life .
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Lee diam. 
"Lee kau okay tak ni?" Sila dibetulkan. Lenguh main basketball duh tulang aku dah start mereput ke macam mana ni.
Lee membuang pandang ke gelanggang basket. Mata berair.
Muka diraup. Haa sudahh.

Inside out. Basically today i want to potray my thoughts here. Duh. Ni contoh ayat intro tahpape. SKIP.

Inside out. I was a typical boarding school student striving her best for good results for SPM. Secure good result that will absolutely bring me to a good oversea college with scholarship. Yeah. That was my dream bruh. Studying somewhere in the koala and kanggaroo country, enjoying good environment with four different seasons that I would never experience in my no-season-but-summer-and-rain-season-country. 

Inside out. With that motivation, and yeah high expectation from people to a boarding school student motivate me. Studying that hard. Gaining points with co-curriculur activity. Being a student leader. Trying to be good to teachers. With that motivation in mind, good result, good place, I keep on climbing to the top.

Inside out. Yes. SPM done. Few months passed. I got my result. Flying colours I guess. Erm. And as Im going to pursue my studies in dentistry, Ive no choice but to held my dream. You need to get a straight A's result to apply for the limited scholarship. Yeah only the cream out of the creamy one can get scholarship from SPM slip (dont worry for other scholarship you dont have to get straight As result to apply,, yes medical courses are that expensives so yeah erm there's hope people rezeki tu luas jangan kecilkan skop pemikiran anda this is just a story)

Inside out. And yeah. Plot twist! Here I am. Doing my foundation in applied health science in a prestigious local university (what? Im proud with my college why not bragging it here /flip shawl/) 

Inside out. Im not telling you this story to exxagerate about my 'failure' of not achieving my dream heh. Im telling you that you still can catch your dream. What? With good cgpa of foundation, you still can apply for scholarship if you want to. (macam aku cakap tadi rezeki Allah tu luas jangan kecilkan skop pemikiran anda uhuh)

Inside out. Yes, maybe you will feel envy as when you scrolling down your Instagram and see your friends having fun at California beaches, smiling infront of London Bridge hahah thats happen to me yeah I can feel you. But hey, that's their dream, they are living their dream. You have yours right? Why you have to feel down seeing their achievement then?

Inside out. Keep on dreaming. Keep on trying and make your dream come true. Theres no such thing as failure. It is just you, try to keep in pace and fight for your dream. 

Inside out. And me too. Still keep struggling in my up-side-down-life as a foundation student. What? Doing your foundation in local universities are not that easy maa.
And they planned and Allah(also) planned, and Allah indeed is The Best Planner. (3:54)
Inside out. Clearly stated in Surah Al Imran, verse 54, that we plan, do our best and at the end of the day, Allah has The Best Plan. Principle of Qada' and Qadr is clearly proved here. So do your job as a human. Do the best. Our Lord will take care the rest. In syaa Allah.

Inside out. Everyday when you wake up, keep this in mind, if today is your LAST day, what will you do? That will keep u motivated enough. Trust me.

Inside out. This video is REALLY inspiring. That guy graduated today maa. He is not even a human. He is an alien. Probably. Hahahahahahaha.

"Man,, what have I done with my life so far?" /sighed/

Inside out. That video is a wrap of my rant for today. Done ! 

Sorry Ive wrote this in English. Just cant stand my ability to write an article in English decrease. Arghh used to be good in this. (No. Havent practising my writing skill for such a LONG time. Nope. Theres no MUET classes in cfs IIUM as theyve their own syllibus. And once u exit your english level, no more english practise for u, if u are not a benl stud lah)


"Aku nak cakap kau inspire aku je Kei."
"Eh dah kenapa kau sampai leleh air mata."
Lee diri. Habuk dikibas. 
"Mata masuk habuk." Dia sengih. Papan luncur yang tersadai dingkat.
"Kau nak balik tak Kei?" 
Kei masih pandang Lee dengan mata terkebil. Ada alien rasuk kawan aku ke weyh? 

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